Santander Travel Guide

Santander Holiday Information

Santander is situated on the northern coast of Spain and is a popular tourist destination for holidaymakers. As a port city, it provides a popular entryway to the Spanish mainland.

On average 140,000 passengers each year pass through its terminal making Santander a top ferry destination, it has also developed an impressive tourist infrastructure. The town has a wide choice of attractions including attention-grabbing architectural gems, quaint neighbourhoods and breathtaking landscapes.

For shopping there is a nice selection of little boutiques and shops available in the Cuatro Caminos district and the area bordering the Ayuntamiento. Here in the trendy stores, shoppers can find the latest fashions and holiday souvenirs.

Diners in Santander's restuarants will find the freshest seafood available, especially in the Puerto Pesquero area (fishing port). El Sardinero has an enormous selection of caf├ęs and restaurants that also local treats and international cuisine.

Santander Tourist Attractions

The beaches in Santander are a real tourist delight and water enthusiasts will enjoy the amazing diving and snorkelling opportunities. For a more relaxing time, tourists could spend the day fishing offshore from the port. Santander also has an exciting and varied nightlife. The Plaza de Cantildaadio is one of the most popular areas for nightlife as it has numerous clubs, bars and taverns. There are also a fair number of venues playing live music that ranges from jazz to contemporary music.

For tourists who love a game of chance, they can spend an evening testing their luck at the glitzy European style casino that is just a stone's throw from Sardinero Beach. The casino also has several quality restaurants and entertainment choices.

Transport Around Santander

For tourists wishing to continue on to Plymouth, Brittany Ferries operates a passenger ferry that leaves Santander twice a week. During the 24-hour journey, passengers can enjoy a host of amenities such as fitness facilities and a movie theatre.

We strongly encourage visitors to obtain a comprehensive insurance plan prior to visiting Santander. Although this is an extremely safe destination, mishaps can occur and having travel insurance will protect you and your family in the unfortunate event of an accident or emergency. It will also allow you to enjoy your vacation with peace of mind.