Majorca Holiday Information

Majorca Travel Guide

The largest of all the Balearic Islands, Majorca is located off the southeast coast of mainland Spain. Rich history, gothic architecture, golden sand beaches and a well-developed tourist infrastructure have resulted in Majorca becoming the number one tourist destination in the Mediterranean.

Most visitors to Majorca are drawn to the blue Mediterranean Sea and stunning beaches. The northeast of the island is dotted with many small bays that are quieter in comparison with the southern beaches, which attract the largest number of holiday makers and locals alike.

Tourist Attractions of Majorca

Located on the south of the island, Palma de Majorca is the island's capital and centre for tourist facilities and information. It provides an abundance of restaurants, nightclubs and bars, with many open around the clock. If you are looking for a vibrant nightlife, you will find it in Palma de Majorca.

For those wanting more than nightlife and beaches, Majorca provides a wide variety of attractions including Palma's historic quarter. Here, visitors can take a stroll down charming cobbled streets and marvel at the eccentric mix of gothic architecture. The area also boasts many fine designer shops, stylish tapas restaurants and the not to be missed Museu de Majorca, a stunning 15th century palace and museum.

Nature Around Majorca

While the southern part of Majorca services the majority of the tourist infrastructure, the northern parts of the island are still less developed. Here visitors can view the dramatic cliffs of the northern Tramuntana range and visit the lush nature reserves and many mountain villages located near the picturesque Mount Galatzo.

Located on the southwest coast, all lovers of nature and mythic legend will be impressed with La Reserva Puid de Galatzo (nature reserve). Situated at the base of Mount Galatzo, this magical paradise is enhanced by the mythic legend that the Earl of Mal and his follower ghosts are ever-present in these enchanting hills. The area is also endowed with many beautiful waterfalls, indigenous plants and stunning wildlife.

The central areas of Majorca are characterised by low lying fertile plains - known as Es Pla - where olive trees, vineyards and almond trees grow. The Sa Pobla-Muro plains are particularly pleasant and are best viewed by driving or cycling through this flatland area.

While Majorca is a safe place for tourists, we do recommend that you take out travel insurance to safeguard against any eventuality.