Granada Holiday Guide

Granada Tourist Information

Granada is located in the foothills of the Sierra Nevada of southern Spain. The mountainous vistas are spectacular and a delight for visitors worldwide. The eclectic blend of Moorish and Christian history along with the university nightlife makes this city one of Spain's trendiest destinations.

A great tourist attraction is the world famous Alhambra Palace. Constructed in red clay from the surrounding grounds with local Andalusian design. The details of the horseshoe arches and the columns are elegant, while the walls and ceilings throughout the palace have intricate Moorish décor. The immense area of the 142,000 square-metre terrace is enclosed by a defensive wall and encased with 13 massive towers. In the palace's centre court is a beautifully crafted water fountain.

Granada has several districts, each rich in history and displaying amazing architectural wonders and local character. The Cartuja and the Bib-Rambla are the most frequently visited areas by tourists. The Cartuja is home of the prestigious University of Granada. Founded in the 14th century by the Moors, the university now houses students from all over the world.

Granada Tourist Attractions

At Bib-Rambla tourists will find the best district for the finest foods in Granada it has dozens of restaurants, cafés and nightclubs. Many of the restaurants have open terraces on which to enjoy the city's relaxed atmosphere. Find interesting jewellery and unique gifts at the nearby Arab Bazaar.

The Sierra Nevada are only a short drive from Granada, as is the Parque Nacional, a botanical garden that has a strolling path. In the winter months, the best ski slopes in Granada are here. Whether you are a beginner or an avid skier, there is a slope to fit your level.

Transport Around Granada

Granada Airport only offers domestic flights. A good choice of international flights is available at Malaga International Airport, a two-hour shuttle, taxi or car journey from Granada.

The best way to see the most Granada tourist attractions would be to hire a car, this can easily be picked up at the airport.