Cadiz Holiday Guide

Cadiz Travel Information

Cadiz stands on a peninsula jutting out into a picturesque bay. Located on the southwestern coast of Spain, this lovely old city has broad white sand dunes running along its white beaches. The quiet charm and elegance of the place is popular with the tourists who have made this part of Spain a top holiday destination.

As one of Spain's major ports during the 16th century, Cadiz copied the carnival of Venice, and since then it has become one of the liveliest and most dazzling carnival towns in mainland Spain, famous for its amusing and creative figurines and satirical songs.

The city has straight, narrow streets and is surrounded by luscious botanical gardens that are home to several unique plant species. The old central quarter of Cadiz, a very popular tourist destination, is famous for its picturesque charm, and many of the buildings here reflect the city's overseas links. Worth a visit are the city's cathedral and the churches of Santa Cruz and San Felipe Neri.

Cadiz Tourist Attractions

Many of Cadiz's most reasonably priced, traditional restaurants are located in and around the Plaza Juan de Dios, just inland from the port where there is a tight mass of alleyways crammed with bars and restaurants. The town is particularly famous for its wine and shrimp as well as summer horse races along the beach.

If you drive inland from Cadiz, you will discover a wide variety of landscapes and villages. Grazalema, surrounded by a national park, is a paradise for nature lovers. As you head south, the rolling hills become covered in walnut trees, pines and Spanish firs. Farther on, some of the oldest vineyards in Europe make up what is known as the 'Sherry Triangle'.

Transport Around Cadiz

The closest significant international airport to Cadiz is found at Malaga, where you can arrive from many European destinations. Car hire is the most reliable and convenient way of getting from the airport to Cadiz and also provides the best means to visit the most Cadiz tourist attractions.