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Scotland has a mainland but also comprises more than 790 islands which include the Hebrides and Northern Isles. Glasgow, known more recently as a European Capital of Culture, was once one of the leading cities during the industrial revolution, Edinburgh is one of Europe’s most important financial centres and Aberdeen is the city closest to the North Sea oil reserves that make Aberdeen the European oil capital.

Scotland Tourist Attractions


Scotland is a fabulous place to visit; it has an identity that is completely different to other parts of the UK with its undulating landscape, dramatic coastline and hauntingly beautiful countryside dotted with romantic castles. Castles play a big part in Scotland’s history and culture. From the grey and vast imposing Edinburgh Castle perched high within the capital city and housing the crown jewels of Scotland to Inveraray Castle, the home of the Duke of Argyll, with its fairytale exterior and stunning landscaped gardens. For whiskey lovers there are plenty of distilleries in which to learn about the ancient manufacturing of Scotland’s most famous drink, including the Glengoyne distillery just outside Glasgow which presents an almost suburban experience against the distillery producing Laphroaig in Argyll with its harsh landscape and unforgiving climate.

The British Golf Museum in St Andrews is a must for anyone that wants to find out more about the sport that was invented in Scotland. The museum has special exhibitions and events that highlight the importance of the game that was invented 500 years ago.