San Marino Holiday Guide

San Marino Travel Information

Tourists to San Marino won't need a visa, despite the fact that the city is actually one of the world's smallest republics. San Marino is Italian - with all the culture, scenery and food that have made Italy famous worldwide. San Marino is served by its own air hub, Rimini-San Marino International Airport, and rail links make getting to the bigger airports in Florence or Venice easy enough.

San Marino's coastline rivals any other in Italy for beautiful beaches, while the town itself and surrounding areas have more historical ruins, fortresses and towers than any Adriatic history buff could ask for. The imposing and picturesque Mount Titano watches over the city, and if a climb to the top isn't your thing there are three towers around the periphery of the historical centre that afford good panoramas of the landscape.

The first, second and third towers are known as La Rocca, la Cesta and la Montale, each of which afford a unique picture of the coast, the mountains and the ancient city. La Rocca was carved directly into the mountainside in the 11th century, the 13th century Cesta is the highest of the three and the Montale is famous for being used as a prison.

San Marino Tourist Attractions

Independent republic or not, San Marino is a quintessentially Italian town with beautiful churches dotted throughout the city. The remains of the city's patron saint and namesake, San Marino, are housed in the Basilica del Santo. Another very Italian feature to the city is the few town squares. The Piazza della Liberta gives the best views of La Rocca, San Francisco church and Montefeltro.

San Marino has a wide variety of accommodation available, with most of it being in the mid- to upper-class range. Visitors will be spoiled for choice as the city gets its fair share of tourists, and there are enough hotels and pensions to house them all.

Restaurants Around San Marino

The cuisine in San Marino is not surprisingly predominantly Italian, and the countless restaurants and cafés in the city centre serve exemplary versions of all the Italian staples and favourites. After dinner there are plenty of things to do to pass the evening. There are a good number of bars, clubs and discos for those wanting to cut loose for a night out, but there are also plenty of mellower options such as cosy cafés or lounges.

San Marino is a fantastic holiday destination, one of the best ways to make the most of your trip and see all of the San Marino tourist attractions is to hire a car which can usualy be hired at the airport.