Porto Travel Guide

Porto Tourist Information

Situated on the west coast of Portugal, Porto is the country's second largest city. Porto lends its name to not only the country's moniker, but its language and famous port wine. With beautiful historic Portuguese architecture, cosmopolitan beaches, port production and world-class golf courses, the city and surrounding areas offer many treasures and entertainment options.

This interesting city has distinct areas that all carry their own character and atmosphere. Ribeira, situated along the riverside, is full of narrow, tiled streets with colourful houses and by night comes alive with the local tascas and restaurants. The area around the 12th century cathedral, Se, is full with history and many monuments of past achievements. The Baixa quarter is where the city civic centre is situated; with wide avenues, the area is home to markets and many restaurants.

Porto Tourist Attractions

The famous port vineyards are located 60 miles east of Porto city in the region of Douro, but the main production centre is right in the middle of town. Vila Nova de Gaia is an amazing area where over 50 different port producing companies look over the Duoro River. The port lodges are clustered together through the narrow and winding streets with the characteristic red roofs. Many of the companies offer guided tours to show how port wine is made and offer tastings of the different port varieties.

The quaint and picturesque town of Amarante is about 25 miles inland from Porto, surrounded by beautiful mountains. The impressive old town bears colourful 17th century houses throughout its narrow streets and is teeming with history. Restaurants and caf├ęs overlook the Tamega river that runs through the town.

Not far south of Porto is the cosmopolitan beach resort town of Espinho. With great beaches and plenty of bars and restaurants, Espinho comes alive with people in the summer months of July to September.

Transport Around Porto

Flying to Porto is the quickest and easiest option. Francisco Sa Carneiro Airport is a located only a short distance from town and taxis as well as the local metro system connect to the city centre. The European train network passes through Porto, so travelling from most major cities is viable.

Porto and the surrounding areas are reasonably safe but as always it is advised to be alert to pick-pockets and thieves, particularly in busy bars and other tourist hotspots. Driving around Porto is a fabulous way to get the most out of your holiday, it is the best way to see all of Porto's tourist attractions.