Wellington Hoilday Guide

Wellington Travel Guide

New Zealand's capital, Wellington, is located on the southern coast of the popular North Island and is a wonderland of modern amenities against a backdrop of old architecture. There are endless tourist attractions to keep visitors occupied in the city. From cultural institutions, historic monuments and a bustling centre for shopping to high-class restaurants and old style bars there is something to suit everyone in Wellington. Many tourists take a tour of Wellington in order to make the most of the great touirst attractions and sights on offer.

To the south of the harbour area you will find the central shopping and business area, a great starting point for breakfast before getting out into the rest of the city. Cuba Street is a quirky little area that hosts a number of festivals throughout the year, including the Fringe Festival, a must for culture tourists.

Courtenay Place is lined with charming caf├ęs, restaurants and theatres and is a centre for nightlife. The city's best shopping district, the Golden Mile, hosts a number of excellent shopping malls, world-class department stores as well as some fabulous restaurants.

Wellington Tourist Attractions

The waterfront area, stretching from the eastern situated Oriental Palace to Queen's Wharf towards the north is a picturesque spot to relax and people watch. Here you will also find great walking and cycling trails offering the perfect means of taking in this picturesque area of the city. The Thorndon district is one of Wellington's most historic areas, lined with spectacular examples of Victorian architecture; a visit here will transport you back in time.

An evening at the theatre is a must while holidaying in Wellington as there are a number of well established houses that host groups from around the country. The Westpac St James Theatre is among the most renowned theatres, one that for many years has been presenting various performances from ballet and opera to comical dramatics and modern dance. Live music is a common feature on the Wellington nightlife scene with numerous bars, clubs and pubs offering a wide range of live music styles.

Take a cable car trip to the main Kelburn Terminal, where you will be rewarded with stunning views of the city, including the picturesque waterfront. One of the city's most popular tourist attractions is the Carter Observatory, where star gazing serves as a romantic way to pass the time. One excellent way to discover all of Wellington's intricacies is by taking a walking tour, either alone or with any one of a number of tour operators.

For tourists who prefer to be out of the city close to the sea the Eastborne coastline offers pristine beaches for some serious relaxation and soaring waves for some serious surfing action.

Transport Around Wellington

Wellington International Airport receives traffic from around New Zealand and Australia. Shuttle buses run regular services to the city centre, where walking is one of the best options for exploring the city.

Be sure to take out a comprehensive travel insurance plan before leaving home. Although few will face any major problems while on holiday in the country, insurance ensures that your vacation is not completely ruined by certain unforeseen mishaps.