Christchurch Holiday Guide

Christchurch Travel Guide

Christchurch is the most prominent city in New Zealand's South Island, tourists will find it has a contemporary feel and a slight air of conservatism. The city has a large portion of parkland and open spaces, with one eighth of the city's landscape comprised of parks, reserves and recreation areas. It is a popular tourist destination with lots of great sights, all available on a tour of Christchurch.

Hagley Park, located in the city centre, is a large green space where visitors and locals alike come to escape the bustle of the city streets. Christchurch also offers much in the way of cultural offerings and historical monuments.

Christchurch Tourist Attractions

One of the best ways to hit all of Christchurch's most popular tourist spots is to travel by tram, which runs to a number of top destinations within the city centre.

Cathedral square is located in the heart of the city and features the Anglican Cathedral which shares its name with the city. This centre of activity encompasses Cashel street, a popular shopping destination with the Bridge of Remembrance and the Hack Circle amphitheatre standing at each end as two striking landmarks.

The Canterbury Museum features an impressive Antarctic display, while the International Antarctic Centre offers exposure to the continent's ice cool temperatures and allows you to witness the wildlife of this chilly landmass. The Christchurch Art Gallery houses a vast collection of works from both national and international artists.

The Botanical Gardens offer the perfect setting for a quiet afternoon, where thousands of plant species make for a stunning sight with many more parks and well-developed gardens justifying its nickname, the 'Garden City'.

Entertainment in Christchurch

Theatre and cinema are two high ranking pleasures on the Christchurch list of things to do. The Court Theatre hosts regular performances by local and visiting groups, while a lively amateur dramatic scene provides an interesting form of entertainment. A number of excellent cinemas can be found around Cathedral Square, with the Christchurch Arts Centre featuring two art house cinemas.

Music is everywhere in Christchurch with a large population of buskers bringing the streets to life, particularly during the World Buskers Festival hosted in January each year.

A little outside town, Lyttleton Harbour is home to one of the world's rarest breeds of dolphin, the Hector. For stunning views, you may want to hire a car and take a trip around the Banks Peninsula, which will take you as far as the charming town of Akaroa, once a French colony.

Transport Around Christchurch

Christchurch International Airport is a busy hub for air traffic with shuttle buses running to the city centre, taking approximately 25 minutes. Bus services run throughout the city, while taxis are readily available. Walking and bicycling are two great options within the city centre.

Although Christchurch is a safe city, accidents and mishaps do occur so be sure to purchase travel insurance before you leave home. Travel insurance will provide cover for emergency medical care and loss of belongings, allowing you to rest easy and enjoy Christchurch.