The Hague Travel Guide

The Hague Tourist Information

Few destinations are as important to modern history and politics as The Hague. Founded in 1248, its enduring structures offer a timeless setting for its monumental decisions of justice and law. Known as the 'City of Peace', The Hague is home to an international community who serve the International Court of Justice among other institutions.

No cultural capital would be complete without its museums, and The Hague offers over 30, with many renowned works of art housed here. The Gemeentemuseum, Escher Museum, Museum Beelden aan Zee, Panorama Mesdag, Mauritshuis Royal Picture Gallery, and Fotomuseum are just a few of the city's cultural delights.

The town centre has been built up over centuries, offering a fantastic array of architectural styles for touirists to enjoy. Age old palaces, churches, and administrative buildings dominate its landscape, with wide-open boulevards, and soft green spaces. Scheveningen Beach is not far away, and the surrounding countryside is rich in ancestral homes, historic villages and windmills.

Hague Tourist Attractions

Medieval Binnenhof, Knight's Hall, Rolgebouw and the Prison Gate give way to the Passage, the world's last remaining covered shopping street, while the dominating fa├žades of Lange Voorhout and Huis ten Bosch palaces add character and history to the town of Huis ten Bosch, dubbed the world's largest village.

The Hague supports over 150 international legal organisations, including the International Criminal Court (ICC) and Noordeinde Palace, which is the ancestral home of Dutch royalty, and current residence of Queen Beatrix.

Restaurants in The Hague

Shopping and dining is centred around Het square, Grote Markt and the Buitenhof, where visitors can enjoy a drink in areas steeped in history. A system of trams and buses cover the city, though walking and biking are the most popular modes of transportation for locals. The closest airport is at Rotterdam, 30 miles away, but Schiphol International Airport in Amsterdam (60 miles away) offers a greater selection of international flights.

Travel insurance is recommended while visiting anywhere in the Netherlands. The Hague is considered a safe place to visit, but medical bills can be expensive when dealing with an accident or serious illness. Enjoy your trip knowing that you and your loved ones are covered in the event of a medical emergency.