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Valetta Travel Guide

There are few Mediterranean destinations quite like the island of Malta. With a fascinatingly rich history seen in buildings and monuments dotted across the island, a conservative yet open society and tantalising local specialities, tourists of all ages will be able to find something to satisfy them here.

Despite an influx of tourism into the country, Malta has managed to retain its charming old world feel, probably one of the most attractive features of the island.

Valetta in Malta

Valetta, protected by a 16th century wall, is a small city home to a plethora of historic monuments. Striking cathedrals and regal palaces provide insight into the dynamic past the city has seen. Walking is by far the best method of getting around, allowing you the opportunity to get to know every nook and cranny of this long-standing city.

Among Valetta's many tourist attractions is the Auberge de Castille, once a palace for Spanish settlers which today serves as the official headquarters of the Maltese prime minister. St John's cathedral is not only a striking example of Baroque design but is home to an excellent museum offering background information on the monument and its creators.

A trip to Hagar Qim is an introduction to the world's oldest known structures, and is set atop a hill looking out onto the expansive Mediterranean Sea. The area features sacrificial altars, soaring megaliths and are an eye-opening reminder of the long history this part of the world has known. This site, well worth a visit, is located only nine miles from Valetta and neighbours the beautiful Mnajdra Temple.

Mdina (Medina) in Malta

A 3,000-year old settlement, the Mdina, also known as the Medina, features cobbled streets lined with Norman and Baroque buildings and a picturesque piazza. This central area is home to the Roman Catholic Sicula-Norman cathedral, which dates back to the 11th century and is a fine architectural feat offering great photo opportunities. Mdina's suburb Rabat features an excellent museum with an impressive collection of Roman antiquities.

Most tourists coming to Malta arrive with sunbathing and beach lounging at the top of their lists of things to do. Deserted bays and pristine white sand beaches provide the perfect setting for this type of holiday, while quaint resort towns feature medieval architecture with prehistoric temples and monuments dotted around the countryside.

The 17th century town of Victoria is a centre for commercial activity and offers great shopping venues and plenty of charming caf├ęs and restaurants.

Malta is an island where quiet relaxation combined with wide eyed exploration make for a holiday experience unlike any other. With so many historical monuments dotted across the island and stunning natural backdrops, this magical island is a place for quiet contemplation and relaxation.

Transportation Around Malta

Most holidaymakers arriving from outside the country will first stop at Valletta's international airport, located six kilometres from town. Once on the island car hire is a good option as it affords you freedom of movement to explore.

Visitors are advised to purchase a comprehensive travel insurance policy before leaving home to ensure they are protected in the event of an emergency or mishap.