Penang Tourist Information

Penang Travel Guide

Penang, one of Malaysia's most popular tourist destinations, is located off the west coast of the country in close proximity to Thailand. An island where east meets west and new mixes with the old, cultural diversity and a long and fascinating history make it a place for wide-eyed exploration.

The island's only city and capital, Georgetown, is a well-developed urban centre with a fine tourist infrastructure. The city is home to a plethora of architectural sites dating back to its colonization, while the crumbling terrace houses and narrow alleys of Chinatown make for an interesting day out.

Here tourists will find stores selling delightful goods not to be found elsewhere. The cosmopolitan waterfront stretch is a hub of activity and a pleasant place for an afternoon of relaxation in any one of the numerous caf├ęs and restaurants, while sun bathing on one of the small stretches of beach is a nice way to spend the day.

Penang Tourist Attractions

Fort Cornwallis, located in the centre of Georgetown, dates back to the 1700s and is surrounded by a picturesque park and features the curious Seri Rambai cannon. A trip aboard a funicular train service to the peak of Penang Hill will afford spectacular views of the city and some excellent photo opportunities, with a mosque and Hindu temple among the attractions to be found in the area. Chinese culture is everywhere in the city evident by the many temples, including the Khoo Kongsi and Kuan Yin Teng.

Although Georgetown is often the place where tourists decide to stay while in Penang, there is much to see and do outside the city limits. The Pantai Acheh Forest Reserve is a fabulous area of natural diversity with pristine beaches, rugged coastal lines and both low and high lying forest covered areas.

For energetic adventurers a hike through mountain jungles will be worth the effort with stunning beaches as the end as a reward. A stunning temple complex with influences from Burma, China and Thailand, the Kek Lok Si is an expansive structure that date back many centuries.

A large percentage of tourists to Penang make the journey for the plethora of excellent beaches and endless sunshine. A tour of Penang is a great way to see all of the sites. Going hand in hand with this type of holiday are beach bars and large nightclubs, a common site in Penang. There is a bustling nightlife scene featuring great live music.

Transport in Penang

Penang International Airport accepts a considerable amount of connecting flights, particularly from Kuala Lumpur, Singapore and Bangkok. Bus lines run throughout the city, while taxis are widely available.

Penang is considered a safe place to travel, with little in the way of safety threats. However, travellers are advised to be aware of their personal belongings at all times and make sure to book travel insurance before leaving home.