Kuala Lumpur Tourist Information

Kuala Lumpur Travel Guide

Kuala Lumpur a dynamic city set along the convergence of two well-known rivers, the Kelang and Gombak. In only 10 years the city has been transformed from a backward city into a thriving and modern metropolis.

In close proximity to the western coast of the Malay peninsula, the city is home to over 1.5 million inhabitants. Despite rapid modernisation, striking architectural remnants from the British colonization of the city still stand.

Kuala Lumpur Tourist Attractions

Merdeka square, one of the city's top tourist attractions located in the heart of the city, is a good starting point for further exploration. Chinatown is a magical place with every nook and cranny filled with something to buy, eat or see. One of the world's tallest buildings, the Petronas Towers offer breathtaking views, while Jalan Petaling is a market where tourists often shop until they drop, literally. Tourists often choose to take a tour of Kuala Lumpar and take in multiple tourist attractions.

If you're looking for a taste of the high life while in Kuala Lumpur, the Golden Triangle, a centre for business and shopping, hosts numerable high-class hotels, restaurants and boutique style shops.

To escape the bustling pace of the city streets, the 'green belt' is popular hangout spot. Featuring acres of parkland, trickling streams and tranquil lakes, it is the perfect place for a quiet picnic. At Tasik Perdana, visitors will be entertained by a boat trip on the charming lake or a stroll through the colourful aviary.

Nightlife in Kuala Lumpur is not as raucous as in other Asian capitols such as Bangkok, however you will find plenty to do. With endless restaurants ranging in style and price, eating ranks high on the list of evening leisure options. Bars and clubs can be found, with many offering live music or the best of both local and international DJs.

Transport in Kuala Lumpur

The Kuala Lumpur International Airport, or KLIA, offers convenient access to the city from many major cities around the world. Regular train and coach services run from the airport to the city centre, while bus routes run throughout the city and into the surrounding regions. Bus and train services run to most popular destinations within Malaysia, particularly across the Malay peninsula.

Although there are few safety options to consider while holidaying in Kuala Lumpur, visitors are advised to ensure that you take out the appropriate travel insurance before leaving home to avoid having to pay medical costs in the event of a mishap.