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Riga Travel Guide

The Latvian capital city may have been hidden from the world under Soviet occupation, but today Riga is a rising star on the world stage, with renovated buildings, and fabulous new shops and caf├ęs. it is drawing more and more tourists and many choose to take a tour of Riga in order to capture the culture and sights of Riga.

Riga old town has many great tourist attractions. Sitting near the banks of the Daugava river, it hosts quaint cobbled streets and impressive squares. Also of note, Riga is home to Europe's most impressive collection of Germanic Art Nouveau architecture, earning it a spot on the UNESCO World Heritage list.

Keeping in line with Riga's economic growth, the new town is financial heart of the city, with wide urban-style avenues and a grid layout. Farther along the river is Riga's sprawling port.

Riga Tourist Attractions

Riga is home to a wealth of museums, monuments and buildings, all of which provide a look back into Latvian history, a great place for sightseeing. To visit the Latvian History Museum, head for Riga Castle, built in 1330, where you'll find displays on ancient Latvian history.

War buffs will want to check out the Museum of War. Alternatively, the Occupation Museum of Latvia is situated in a drab Communist-era building, but is worth a visit for insights into Latvia's turbulent history.

In terms of notable landmarks, the Freedom Monument symbolises the nation, and was erected in 1935 by the citizens of Riga. Meanwhile, Riga Cathedral combines Gothic and Romanesque styles to provide visitors with a beautiful piece of architecture. St Peter's Church is also quite beautiful, dating back to 1408.

There are several destinations near Riga worthy of a daytrip, including Salaspils, a former concentration camp situated 11 miles southeast of the city. It was here that between 1941 and 1944 over 100,000 innocent people, including 55,000 Jews who taken from Riga, were killed by Nazis. Visitors can view the preserved camp and learn more about this horrific period in the accompanying museum.

For a bit of relaxation, head west of Riga to Jurmala, a series of small seaside towns and resorts that stretches along the coast.

Transportation Around Riga

Riga's international airport lies eight miles southwest of the city, and services flights to many European destinations. Direct trains to Riga arrive from Minsk, Vilnius and Moscow.

Although Riga is a relatively safe travel destination, accidents and thefts do occur so taking out a travel insurance policy before you go is highly recommended. Should you get sick or need medical treatment while here, hospital bills can be expensive. Insurance will give you the peace of mind you need to enjoy your trip.