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Milan Travel Guide

Milan, once the capital of the Western Roman Empire, can be traced back to its Celtic roots, with several hundred years of architecture to mark its importance as a city of trade and culture. Fed by the Olona river, Italy's commercial centre is still one of Europe's most fascinating and elegant tourist destinations.

The clean and modern streets of the continent's fashion capital belie its ancient origins. As a gateway to Italy, the city has evolved as a prosperous centre of trade, coveted as much for its wealth as its strategic location. Hundreds of years of dynastic wars have seen the city change hands between Austria, France and Spain, leaving an indelible mark from each period of its occupation.

Milan Tourist Attractions

Dominating the city's central square, the 14th century Gothic Duomo is undoubtedly the symbol of Milan. Constructed in 1386 by Gian Galeazzo Visconti, the project wasn't completed until 1960. A visit to the roof reveals an awe-inspiring forest of delicately carved spires, and an excellent view of the city. Directly across from the cathedral visitors will find the elegantly designed covered walkway of Vittorio Emanuele II Gallery, with its small shops and tourist cafés.

The world's most famous opera house, La Scala, is situated right next door, with an adjoining museum sporting theatrical curiosities such as Verdi's death mask. The Renaissance fort, Castello Sforzesco, houses museums with art dating back to antiquity, and an impressive collection of Renaissance works which include Michelangelo's Pietá Rondanini, as well as paintings by Bellini, Correggio, and van Dyck.

The city that holds the Italian stock exchange is also one of Europe's most enticing fashion capitals, with fabulous boutiques, restaurants and tourist attractions for visitors to admire and enjoy. Due to the popular controversy stirred by Dan Brown's Da Vinci Code, tickets to view Leonardo da Vinci's famed Last Supper at Santa Maria delle Grazie must be booked well in advance, often booking a Milan tour is the best way to see all of the tourist attractions in Milan.

Shopping is a popular pastime in Milan, and some of the best in haute couture can be found on Corso Vittorio Emanuele, the town's main thoroughfare. For art lovers, an excellent array of galleries line the small streets of the artistic Brera district, along with a host of bars and fine-dining establishments sporting international and Italian cuisine.

Transport Around Milan

Milan's city centre can be traversed on foot, but the city has many transportation options. Three subway lines, the Milan Metro and light metro services, as well as a system of buses and trolleys span the city. Regional and long-distance trains service destinations around Italy and throughout Europe, while Milan's busy Malpensa International Airport deals with nearly 24 million passengers a year.