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Hong Kong was a British colony until 1997 until it was passed back to the Chinese government. It is one of the most densely populated areas in the world and has had to adapt to the lack of physical land by extending upwards, making Hong Kong a vertical city. Hong Kong is also a major financial centre and its modern buildings reflect this, but is also the location to hundreds of ancient buildings including temples and monasteries.

Hong Kong Tourist Attractions

Hong Kong has a fabulous deep natural harbour, Victoria Harbour is one of the main attractions, it is exciting, modern and full of interesting buildings which, at nightfall, becomes a light show all of its own. Tourists can take a pleasure cruiser from the harbour or choose to glide along aboard a traditional junk, tours are available throughout the day and evening and hopefully spot a pink dolphin.

One of the best ways to see Hong Kong’s spectacular skyline is from the tallest point of the island at The Peak. The area most coveted by the rich and famous for having the best skyline is accessed by the Peak Tram, pulled by steel cables to more than 1,000 feet up. The views are spectacular and can be narrowed down to a view of the harbour by taking in the Lions View Point Pavilion or for the whole horizon, the Peak Circle Walk is fabulous.

Kowloon on the peninsula that juts south towards Hong Kong Island from the Asian continent was once the most overpopulated area in the world offes tourists a great experience of street markets overflowing with stalls and residential tenements.