Thessaloniki Tourist Information

Thessaloniki Travel Guide

As Greece's second largest city, Thessaloniki has enjoyed 3,000 years of historical significance and remains extremely popular among visitors to this day. With its lovely location on the sea and its bustling urban centre, Thessaloniki is a favourite of both tourists and locals.

Although not as dominated by ancient ruins as Athen, the city has several important sites ideal for tourists sightseeing. The huge Eptapirigion Walls from the Byzantine era are one of the most impressive sites. The nearby Upper City is a quaint area of cobblestone streets and wooden houses. Several important churches are located here, such as the Church of Saint George, dating back to the 4th century AD, and the Agia Sophia.

The city centre has two waterfront squares, Platia Elefterias and Platia Aristotelous, offering a thriving strip of restaurants, walkways and cafés. In Dikasterion square, visitors can find the ancient Agora (marketplace), which was later expanded to become a Roman forum with a theatre.

Thessaloniki Tourist Attractions

For a fantastic view of the city, head to the White Tower located on the seaside promenade. The tower also has a museum and café as well as rooms that were once used as prison cells. The Turkish public baths and the traditional food market are also worth a visit.

Thessaloniki has several excellent museums, including the notable Archaeological Museum that is a must-see for history buffs. The Museum of Byzantine Culture also has a wonderful display, and the Jewish Museum recounts the history of the city's Jewish community.

Thessaloniki is well-known for its vibrant nightlife, where traditional and modern elements collide elegantly. The trendier bars are located by the old seafront and in Ladadika by the port. Many tavernas are located in the old city and downtown, while those who want to listen to bouzoukia music should head to Vilka. In addition, many cheap and lively spots are located near the student area of Kamara.

Thessaloniki Fairs and Festivals

Every September brings the Thessaloniki International Trade Fair, where countless products of every type are on display. The Thessaloniki Film Festival takes place in November and is becoming increasingly popular each year.

Visitors should aim to spend at least a few days here to fully enjoy the historical sites, great cuisine, shopping and, of course, the nightlife.