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Dresden Travel Guide

Dresden, built along the banks of the Elbe River that flows through the city for a length of 15 miles, is famous for its beautiful riverside landscapes and Baroque architecture. Dresden's charm has enthralled visitors for centuries, making tourism one of the city's largest industries.

In the 19th century, Dresden was one of Germany's most economically successful and culturally enriched cities, where an active art scene thrived. German Expressionists like Kirchner, Dix, and Kokoschka practiced their art in Dresden, which was a centre of art, music, and architecture until the 1930s. Today the many buildings from that era and before still stand in the area around Martin-Luther-Platz, located in the old town centre, offering restaurants, caf├ęs, pubs, and theatres.

Dresden Tourist Attractions

The Alstradt (old town) also boasts many beautiful structures from different periods, the most prominent of which is the Frauenkirche - a church with a massive 314 foot dome built without any internal support. Although destroyed during the war, an exact replica has been built in its place, which is the most popular tourist attraction in Dresden today.

Another attraction is the Zwinger Palace, home to several museums and over 2,000 paintings. The most precious of works housed in Zwinger Palace is the original Sistine Madonna by Raphael, which is found in the Old Masters Art Gallery. The New Masters Gallery and Green Vault, both of which are also found in the Zwinger, house works dating from the Romantic period to the present day.

Transport Around Dresden

Dresden has its own international airport that is situated in the district of Klotzsche, located in the north of the city. The airport features direct and connecting flights with many American, European and German cities. The city centre is just five miles from the airport. Visitors can take a bus or take a short taxi ride to Dresden easily.

Few visitors encounter any medical or safety problems in Dresden. However, in the event of any mishaps, you will want to be insured. Travel insurance is the best way to safeguard yourself against expensive medical bills in the event of an accident.