Tallinn Tourist Information

Tallinn Travel Guide

Tallinn is the capital of Estonia as well as its largest city. Situated in Northern Europe in the Baltic Sea region, this medieval city has a wealth of history and culture and is overflowing with fascinating architecture and monuments. Throughout history, the city has been a meeting point on the trading routes between the East and West.

Tallinn is the entry point for most tourists to Estonia and the most visited destination in the country. Designated by UNESCO as a World Heritage site, the medieval old town, full of culture, is the most extraordinary area of the city. The old town wall has 26 colossal towers that have protected the city for centuries.

Tallinn Tourist Attractions

Inside the walls are stunning examples of Gothic architecture, monolithic churches from the 13th century and a Town Hall that dates back 600 years. One of the most renowned sites in the old-town is the opulent Tommpea Castle.

Another popular tourist attraction is Kadriorg Palace, which is located just outside the city centre. Once home to Peter the Great, the palace now houses part of the Art Museum of Estonia and is the presidential residence.

Undeniably, Tallinn is filled with a plethora of historical sites but history is not the only thing that the city offers. This vibrant and bustling metropolis has a fantastic tourism infrastructure and offers visitors a wide selection of accommodation that range from five-star luxury hotels in Talinn to more modestly priced family-friendly lodgings. Tallinn also has a plenty of trendy caf├ęs, hotels in Tallinn and restaurants dotting the picturesque streets. The city has a lively nightlife with a nice selection of bars, discos and music venues, a great place for sighteeing tourists.

Transport Around Tallinn

The city is served by Tallinn International Airport, which offers both international and domestic flights. The airport has international air links with most Scandinavian and European cities and sees over six million passengers each year.

Tallinn is one of the safest cities in northern Europe and poses little or no threat to travellers; however, in case of an accident or an emergency, it is of the utmost importance that you and your family have travellers' insurance so that you can enjoy your trip with peace of mind.