Aarhus Tourist Information

Aarhus Travel Guide

The beautiful city of Aarhus lies between Copenhagen and Aalborg and is Denmark's second-largest city. The charming city Aarhus has a rich history that dates back to the Viking era and is overflowing with historical points of interest and ancient architecture. The town is also blessed with stunning beaches and quaint neighbourhoods with streets lined with trees and lovely homes.

The city has been a top tourist destination for years now. Visitors are delighted by the plethora of notable attractions including the Aarhus Domkirke (Cathedral of St Clemens). This Gothic designed cathedral is unique due to the 1,033-foot spire that prominently sits atop this massive building. Another interesting architectural gem is Marselisborg Castle. Located in the majestic Marselisborg forest, this castle is where the Danish queen spends her holidays.

For history buffs, the Prehistoric Museum of Moesgard houses rare collections of artefacts from the Bronze and Iron ages, and one of its prized exhibitions is the 2,000-year-old remarkably preserved body of the Grauballe bog man. Another must-see attraction is the Den Gamle By museum, home to more than 75 16th century buildings that are a splendid representation of early Danish urban life.

The Den Gamle By is filled with authentic-looking workshops of bookbinders, silversmiths, carpenters and hatters. The museums at Gammel Estrup are just a stone's throw from Aarhus and include the Jutland Manor House Museum and the Danish Agricultural Museum.

Aarhus Tourist Attractions

One of the best features of Aarhus is the city itself. The appealing city centre offers a plethora of enjoyable outdoor café where you can unwind and do a little people watching or simply bask in the relaxing atmosphere that permeates the entire city.

If you are in the mood for a little shopping, Aarhus has a wide selection of shops and designer boutiques and over 40 specialty stores. In September, the city comes to life with a vibrant array of concerts, parades and events during the annual Aarhus Festival Week.

Outdoor enthusiasts will find a wide selection of activities and sports to choose from including hiking and trekking through the verdant parklands. An exploration of the mysterious manors and opulent castles that are surrounded by menacing moats makes for an adventurous day.

Transportation Around Aarhus

Aarhus Airport is located in Tirstrup approximately 28 miles from the city centre. The airport offers frequent daily flights from Aarhus to Copenhagen and is easily accessible by bus or car. Rail transportation is also available with six trains each day travelling between Aarhus and Copenhagen.

We highly recommend that you obtain travellers' insurance prior to your visit to Aarhus, especially if you are planning to engage in sports like hiking and trekking. A comprehensive insurance plan will give you peace of mind knowing that you are covered in case of accident or medical emergency.