Larnaca Tourist Information

Larnaca Travel Guide

The stunning island of Larnaca has emerged as one of the most popular travel destinations for tourists in Cyprus and has a stunning seafront promenade that is lined with giant palm trees.

Larnaca has an extremely rich history that dates back to Mycenaean, Greek and Phoenician occupation. One of the most significant sites of Larnaca is the ruins of ancient Kitium. The fascinating architectural site dates back to the 13th century BC. Another interesting Larnaca tourist attraction is the remnants of the Cyclopean Walls, which were constructed from giant blocks.

In the town centre, there is a number of captivating archaeological sites as well as six museums. Housed in the 17th century fort, the Larnaca Medieval Museum displays excellent depictions of the city's history with rare artefacts from ancient times. Also, the renowned Pierides Foundation and Archaeological museums are just a stone's throw away and well worth a visit. The marble bust of Zeno, which stands at the crossroads near the American Academy, is one of the most striking pieces of art in all of Cyprus and cannot be missed.

Larnaca Tourist Attractions

Although Larnaca is a veritable haven for history buffs, thousands of tourists each year come to this major seaside resort not for the artefacts, but for the numerous spectacular beaches in and around the city and for the shopping.

The pristine beaches of Phinikoudes and McKenzie have both been awarded Blue Flags for environmental cleanliness. Water enthusiasts will be delighted by the abundance of water sports activities available including amazing diving and snorkelling opportunities, boating, windsurfing and water skiing.

Lanarca has developed an impressive tourism infrastructure and visitors can choose from a large selection of hotels including modern resorts and 5-star hotels. The city also offers a wide array of quality restaurants that serve up some of the freshest seafood in Cyprus. After the sun goes down, Lanarca lights up with trendy bars and stylish clubs dotting the shores as well as a quality range of evening entertainment.

Transport Around Larnaca

The major international airport of Cyprus, Larnaca International Airport, is located in this city and receives flights from most of Europe and the Middle East.

Although Lanarca is an extremely safe destination, accidents can happen. Taking out travel insurance for you and your family is recommended when visiting this city and will give you peace of mind in case of a medical emergency or mishap.