Graz Austria Tourist Information

Graz Travel Guide

Graz is the second-largest city in Austria after Vienna and the capital of the federal state of Styria. Situated along the Mur River just a few hours drive from Vienna, this historic city dates back to the Middle Ages and rich in history and cultural artefacts.

Graz's "Old Town" was recently added to the UNESCO list of World Cultural Heritage Sites. This unique area seamlessly blends architectural styles and influences from intricately designed Gothic masterpieces to contemporary structures, thus creating one of the most preserved city centres in the entire region. Recently, new and completely modern public buildings were erected in the city. The Kunsthaus (house of modern art) designed by Peter Cook and Colin Fournier is a magnificent example of such contemporary architecture.

Graz Tourist Attractions

The city boasts having a thriving theatre and cultural community. Among the more noteworthy art and music venues in Graz include the Stadthalle Graz exhibition centre, the world-renowned Oper Graz opera house, and the Next Liberty youth theatre. One of the most interesting museums is the Landeszeughaus. Here, historians will find a huge selection of medieval armour and weaponry.

Although the city is filled with wonderful influences from the past, Graz also has a youthful vibrancy that permeates the city. As a student city, Graz has six universities with over 40,000 students. The nightlife invariably becomes exciting with a slew of trendy clubs, discothèques and stylish restaurants abound.

There are numerous festivals that take place throughout the year such as the popular Styriarte Theatre, Music Festival, and the numerous classical music concerts held at Eggenberg Palace. Films lovers are sure to enjoy the Festival des Trigitalen Films, while the children will be enchanted by the LaStrada puppet theatre festival.

Tourism in Graz

Sports are extremely popular in Graz. Arnold Schwarzenegger, former body-building champion is one of its most famous residents and inevitably, body-building is one of the major sports. There are also scenic trekking and hiking trails, splendid areas for cycling and great mountain climbing opportunities.

Although the city is an extremely safe travel destination, we highly recommend that you take out a travel insurance policy prior to coming to Graz, especially if you participate in any type of adventure sports. In the event of an accident or a medical emergency, having a comprehensive travel policy will give you peace of mind knowing that both you and your family are protected in case of a mishap.