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Vienna Travel Guide

Along the Danube river lies the fascinating city of Vienna. During Roman times, Vienna was one of the most important bases in central Europe. This was a major factor in this city becoming a mighty empire. The end of the 19th century saw the world's leading intellectuals such as Freud and Klimt discussing issues that played a major role in the development of the entire world.

During World War II, Vienna was occupied by Nazi soldiers and much of the city was severely damaged. By the end of the occupation, the city bared scars as buildings, houses and businesses were left in ruins. Vienna persevered through it all and emerged as a captivating capital wrapped in Italian romanticism and German orderliness.

Today, Vienna has become a wonderful holiday destination for tourists. Full of fascinating museums house artefacts that date back to the early Roman era. The city also has an extraordinary cultural arts and music scene. The Vienna State Opera is one of the world's most recognized opera houses and performs a wide repertoire of operas and ballets everyday from September to June. The Vienna Philharmonic Orchestra rivals the best in the world, while the Vienna boy's choir is undeniably the best in the world.

Vienna Tourist Attractions

Besides being a major cultural centre, Vienna also boasts having a nightlife that begs experiencing. The city is lined with charming pubs with an old-world feel, as well as modern dance clubs and trendy night spots. This city is definitely a destination for the entire family. Noteworthy attractions include the internationally-recognized Spanish Riding School. Here you can watch the incredibly well-trained Lipizzaner stallions grandly strutting through the most affluent surroundings.

Sports lovers will find ample opportunities to ski down stunning slopes during the winter months. Hiking and trekking, climbing, and horseback riding are popular sports during the summer months. Taking a cruise down the Danube is a favourite pastime for the romantic at heart, while clubbers can dance the night away.

If you plan on participating in any water sports or mountain activities, we strongly recommend you take out travel insurance before you travel to Vienna. Although Vienna is a safe destination filled with wonderful treasures, hospital bills can be expensive should you get sick or need medical treatment while here. A comprehensive insurance plan will allow you to rest easy and enjoy your vacation.