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The Channel Islands are located in the English Channel, off the French coast of Normandy. They include two separate territories Guernsey and Jersey. St. Peter Port has a population of around 16,500 and St. Helier has around 28,000 with their own recognised regional languages Jèrriais and Guernésiais. The other large inhabited islands are Alderney, Sark and Herm.

The islands are not part of the EU or United Kingdom; the Queen is, however, the Duke of Normandy, within a system of government dating back to Norman times and those living on the Channel Islands are British citizens. Jersey was invaded by the German army during WWII and during the five years it was occupied, was home to the many fortifications built by the German troops that still stand today.

Channel Islands Tourist Attractions

Jersey is a small island of only 45 square miles of mostly coastline, open fields, cliffs, woodlands and trees. It has steep sunny slopes which provide excellent fertile ground in which to grow the famous Jersey royal potatoes. Jersey’s cows produce milk for its other popular product Jersey fudge. The rolling countryside can be crossed by cyclists, horse riders and walkers who all have equal billing with the car.

All of the parishes in Jersey are named after the saints and the capital of Jersey is St Helier where you will find most of the island’s shops situated in streets which still have their old French names. It has a beautiful parish church in honour of its founder who lived in Jersey during the 6th century. St Mary’s is the smallest parish with one of the most beautiful beaches on the island at Grève de Lecq. Trinity is the home to the Durrell Wildlife Conservation Trust for endangered species and St Peter has two coastlines within its boundaries along with the islands airport.