Quebec City Canada Tourist Information

Quebec Travel Guide

Nestled on a cliff overlooking the Seaway of Saint Lawrence and enclosed within its original walls, this UNESCO World Heritage site is also the capital of Quebec province. Quebec City is a small town that offers an excellent getaway from the bustling Montreal. The traveller will enjoy the many sites and activities and warm, friendly atmosphere.

Quebec celebrated its 400th birthday, Quebec City was founded by the French in 1608 as their mark in the New World. Many of the museums and landmarks offer excellent accounts of the town's history and culture.

Quebec Tourist Attactions

The old stone wall built by the British and French armies makes for a great stroll or bike opportunity. There is a self-guided tour that follows along the wall with hundreds of documented pictures at various points. Every morning at 10:00, the Citadel juncture of the Old City wall and the Grand Allée performs the Changing of the Guards ceremony.

Other important landmarks are the high profiled Chateau Frontenac Hotel, which boasts of being the most widely photographed in North America. Adjacent is Dufferin Terrace, which offers that most gorgeous views of the St Lawrence River. For a panoramic view of this picturesque city, the Observatoire de la Capitale is a must see.

An experience to enhance the trip to Quebec City is taking a ferry across the river or riding in a popular horse-drawn carriage through the Old City. The scenery is beautiful all year long.

Transport Around Quebec

Jean Lesage International Airport is only 30 minutes from the centre of the city and offers daily flights to and from most major destinations in Canada and New York City. There are no shuttle buses, but taxis are readily available. All major car rental agencies are accessible at the airport.

Before leaving, it is highly advisable to get travel insurance. In the event of an accident or illness, medical expenses in Quebec City can be very expensive. Travel insurance can provide you and your family assurance that your trip will be the most memorable.