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July 2012 Travel Insurance News

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30/07/2012 – Tourists returned home after stranding amid Beijing floods
Last week saw hundreds of tourists stranded in Beijing airports after days of heavy rainfall.

26/07/2012 – Trains delayed amid cable theft
A cable theft has caused trains to stop running between Luton and Bedford.

23/07/2012 – FCO: More Britons being hospitalised abroad
The Foreign Office has reported that Britons are increasingly running into trouble overseas.

19/07/2012 – Injured Phuket tourist taking donations
A Kiwi man is taking donations for massive medical bills after his travel insurance failed whilst on holiday.

16/07/2012 – Monarch opens new Leeds Bradford base
Leeds Bradford airport is now Monarch Airline’s sixth operations base in the UK.

11/07/2012 – Branson encourages Heathrow four-runway plan
Virgin founder Richard Branson has said that he is in favour of the Heathrow four-runway idea.

09/07/2012 – RAC and ACE team up for new travel insurance effort
Insurance firm ACE has teamed up with RAC in the United Kingdom to offer a new range of travel coverage.

05/07/2012 – Delta announces new pet travel restrictions
US-based carrier Delta has announced new regulations for passengers travelling with pets.

02/07/2012 – Zurich unveils UAE travel policies
New policies tailor made for UAE residents

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