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laptop in hand luggage New rules for carry on hand luggage. What countries does the ban affect?

You might now think again before taking your laptop on holiday to certain counties in the Middle East.



From March 25th this year, passengers have been told they will be banned from carrying on laptops in the cabin on inbound direct flights. The new rules affect flights to the UK from Egypt, Tunisia, Saudi Arabia, Turkey, Lebanon and Jordan. Many travelers used to traveling with purely hand luggage only will be required to pay to have their belongings stowed in the hold. This will affect passengers using low budget airlines with charges hitting as much as £30 a suitcase.


From now on passengers flying to the UK from the affected countries will be banned from taking devices larger than a typical smartphone in to the cabin with them. The devices stated as anything bigger than 16cm by 9.3cm by 1.5cm will need to be stored in the suitcase. The ban includes some cameras, laptops and iPads, hand-held game consoles and Kindles.


UK based airlines enforcing this new ban include British Airways - easyJet - - Monarch as well as Thomas Cook and Thompson.


Travelers should be aware that their travel insurance may not cover valuables placed in the hold, check the policy wording for clarification.


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