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Insect repellant on arm Coping with mosquito bites when travelling and how to avoid getting bitten in the first place.

Here you will find some quite unusual and surprising ways in which to avoid and also ease the condition, if you have been bitten by a mosquito.


With long haul winter sun holidays on many people’s minds, now is a good time to consider the precautions needed to avoid mosquito bites and their effects on holiday fun in the sun. Leading UK scientists recently published their theory on genes determining how attractive a person’s body odour may be to the insects.


Dr James Logan from the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine carried out his research by analysing a number of identical and non-identical twins. His research pointed to the fact that identical twins were more similar in their attractiveness to mosquitoes than non-identical twins. As identical twins share the same genes the results suggest the mosquito effect is genetically driven.


The people who were able to avoid getting bitten produced a natural insect repellent, building on previous studies which had successfully linked body odour to the likelihood of being attacked by mosquitoes.


Female mosquitoes of most species are ectoparasites, with tube-like mouthparts that are used to pierce our poor unsuspecting skin in order to consume our blood. The serious effects of the bites from many species of mosquitoes are the harmful infections they transmit such as malaria, yellow fever and dengue fever, the most we usually suffer from is the annoying itch accompanying the bites.


Here are a few of the more unusual ways in which to ease the symptoms of mosquito bites caused when the mosquito injects an anticoagulant that prevents our blood from clotting, triggering the allergic reactions:-


  • Honey has an antibacterial ingredient, although the sweetness may also attract more bites.
  • Aloe Vera has anti-inflammatory properties which could help with the annoying and persistent itching; storing the gel in the fridge also helps.
  • Preparation H can not only help with the inflammation surrounding the bites but help with the itching that accompanies the bites.
  • Basil not only has the properties which often repel mosquitoes, it also has anti-inflammatory properties.
  • Mouth Wash with menthol added could also help cool the skin which can in turn deaden any itching.


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