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May 2009 Travel Insurance News

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28/05/2009 – Cattle take a bank holiday stroll on M25
Two bulls and a heifer cause chaos for bank holiday drivers.

28/05/2009 – listed in Which Best Buys
Which has listed in their latest travel insurance best buy guide

25/05/2009 – Budget travellers get great deals
Advice on how to find the best deals on cheap holidays

21/05/2009 – Insurance companies slow to cover new adventure sports
Some insurance companies have not changed their policies to cover the latest adventure sports.

18/05/2009 – Cutting business travel budgets is a bad idea
Recent reports show that companies that try to save money on travel may be losing business

14/05/2009 – UK to Australia in three hours
Virgin announces that three hour flights to Australia are on the horizon.

11/05/2009 – Slippery surprise for customs offers
Customers officers in Miami airport find poisonous snakes pickled in alcohol

07/05/2009 – Holidays abroad without insurance can turn expensive
Taking a holiday overseas is risky if traveling with no travel insurance.

04/05/2009 – Beware of British women on planes
A British woman has been accused of trying to bite flight attendants

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