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April 2009 Travel Insurance News

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30/04/2009 – Holidaymakers warned against travel to Mexico
The Foreign Office is advising Britons to avoid all but essential travel to the country.

28/04/2009 – Foreign Office advise against travel to Mexico
Swine Flu outbreak in Mexico prompts travel warning

27/04/2009 – Travellers opt for different holiday durations
More holidaymakers are choosing lengths of stay other than a single week or a fortnight.

23/04/2009 – Tourism giant Stella at risk of collapse
The Stella Hospitality Group owns hotel rooms and travel agencies around the world.

20/04/2009 – Freedom Direct collapse affects thousands
Late last week, the online travel provider ceased trading.

16/04/2009 – Aurora returns to Britain after troubled cruise
P&O cruise ship Aurora passengers are threatening legal action.

13/04/2009 – Law firm sees rise in travel compensation claims
A leading UK firm is warning travel companies that they should prepare for further increases.

09/04/2009 – Earthquake hits central Italy with deadly force
A magnitude 6.3 quake hit an ancient town on Monday morning, killing at least 50.

06/04/2009 – New site combines maps with flight searches
The UK website says it’s the first to combine mapping with flight searches and online booking.

02/04/2009 – Scottish man arrested after opening aircraft door
Apparently fed up with a tarmac delay, he tried to leave the plane through an emergency exit.

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