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March 2009 Travel Insurance News

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30/03/2009 – Travel cover essential as airlines struggle
Air travellers scooping up cheap fares are being urged to ensure they have adequate insurance.

26/03/2009 – Mother abandons newborn in aircraft toilet
A woman who gave birth in a plane’s toilet has been charged with child abandonment.

23/03/2009 – 3.3 million EHIC cards due to expire
Millions of travellers needs to renew their EHIC cards to continue their cover

23/03/2009 – Gap year travel operator in administration
More than 150 young cash-strapped travellers have been stranded overseas, according to media reports.

19/03/2009 – Unpackaged Holidays in administration
Its subsidiary, Seligo, the agent-only accommodation specialist, has been sold to The Travel Club.

16/03/2009 – Boeing 777s continue to fly despite concerns
Over 200 777s are still in the air in spite of concerns about an engine fault.

12/03/2009 – Extended Auckland stopover for cruise passengers
Repairs keep P&O cruise ship Aurora in Auckland port for several additional days.

09/03/2009 – Many airlines may not survive recession
The chief executive of Aer Lingus expects only 15 of 30 European airlines to make it through the recession.

05/03/2009 – New regulations could double travel cover costs
Policy premiums could rise sharply if insurers are prohibited from using age as a measure of risk.

02/03/2009 – Reports that Turkish plane dropped from the sky
Survivors of last week’s crash near Amsterdam’s airport have spoken about what occurred.

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