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December 2008 Travel Insurance News

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29/12/2008 – New Zealand plane engine fails
The airliner with 65 passengers and four crew members on board was forced into an emergency landing.

25/12/2008 – Air crew and passengers sickened by deicing solution
The deicing of an Alaska Airlines plane at Sea-Tac Airport sent seven people to hospital on Wednesday.

22/12/2008 – Unruly passengers may be fined on trains
Those who drink, smoke or cause trouble on board UK trains could soon be fined on the spot.

18/12/2008 – Thomas Cook says 15 tour companies to fail
The travel company’s chief executive is predicting that 15 UK operators will collapse in the next three months.

15/12/2008 – CAA actions over illegal travel sales welcomed
TUI Travel is welcoming actions to recover monies from agents who sold travel packages without ATOL protection.

11/12/2008 – Goa travel advisory issued by Israel
The Counter Terrorism Bureau (CTB) is warning Israelis to avoid unnecessary travel to Goa, after the attacks in Mumbai.

08/12/2008 – New calls for travel operator failure protection
The Irish Travel Agents Association (ITAA) is calling for the funding of air traveller protection from a departure tax.

04/12/2008 – BA Qantas merger greeted cautiously in Australia
Control of the "Flying Kangaroo" would have to remain in Australia, officials in the country said on Wednesday.

01/12/2008 – One hundred thousand tourists stranded in Thailand
The holidays for tens of thousands of foreign tourists have come to an end, but they still can’t leave for home.

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