Winter Season Jobs - Ski Rep

Ski Rep

There are some obvious reuirements for this post. The ability to ski is only one of them. You will generaly be expected to have skied regularly for at least 3 years. Resorts would be expecting at least a strong Ski Club silver/purple skiing/boarding standard.

Most jobs are looking for people aged between 22 and 50. You will need to be a very strong parrallel skier and remain incontrol and confident on all black runs and bump runs. You would need to be able to do fluent, linked short radius turns. You would be expected to ski fast all day, and try to take the fall line wherever possible. Off piste you may be expected to ski at least ten continuous turns in deep powder before falling and negotiate all types of snow off-piste without holding up or endangering others.

Apart from the skiing expertise you will need to have a sunny personality with a good sense of humour and enjoy meeting and helping new people. You will need to be a good organisor and manage simple paperwork procedures.

Although it is not always a necessity, it would help if you are able to speak French, German, Italian or Spanish.