Winter Season Jobs - Chefs


The name for this position may change from company to company but you can be sure that you will spend most of your working life - usually 6 days out of 7 - either cooking or planning to cook. It is not easy work and most people would need to get lucky and work in a private chalet if they want to ease their work load, earn more and lead a more flexible lifestyle. You will need to cook to a high standard. On the up side, your accommodation and food are provided.

You will usually receive reduced/free passes and equipment. You will need to have a keen eye on the budget and be able to plan an interesting menu. Your culinary skills will usually be put to the test - at least saving you a wasted journey if you are not up to the resorts usual standard!

You may prefer to work in a hotel and your qualifications will be put to good use as you will be expected to offer speciality 'themed' dinners along with the usual three course dinners. You will normally liaise with the hotel manager regarding budgets and staff issues.

There are private chalet owners who also employ couples. The job description will often include mini bus driving duties as well as the usual duties.

  • Planning meals including breakfast and afternoon tea.
  • Planning and costing of weekly menus.
  • Ensuring the highest standard of food production.
  • Staff management of the kitchen team, including assistant chefs and kitchen porters.
  • Kitchen health and safety.