Snowboard Boots - Ski Equipment

Snowboard Boots - Ski and Snowboarding Equipment

There are two different types of boots - strap and step-in bindings.

The Step in boots are best know for their convenience, mostly because you can just step straight in and start riding. They are a stiffer boot but people often prefer the stiffness as it gives a quicker edge to edge response.

However, the stiffness of the material makes it harder to perform tricks as it is not easy to bend the ankle and foot. You also have to purchase the boots and binders at the same time and as they are a less popular option the market for these boots is smaller consequently making the ultimate boot experience harder to achieve.

The Strap system boots are far easier to shop for. The bindings and boots are sold independently and this makes it much more user friendly. Although they are the cheaper option they are also slower and more not as easy to put on and take off.

Naturally the ease in which you can step straight into a binding. The simplicity is preferable for many boarders although many, including almost all professional borders, still prefer the strap binding system as the feel of it outweighs the simplicity of a step-in system.