Winter Season Jobs

Chalet Coordinator - A step up from chalet host, this position is seen more as on the managerial side, so will require further or more developed skills. Previous experience of the resort will definitely be an advantage.

Chalet Girl/Boy - The name given to this position can vary from company to company i.e. rep/host/girls/boys. The job is the same in any resort and it is an extremely important one because it includes the closest day to day contact with guests. Diplomacy and tact are definitely a requirement.

Ski Patrol - The main objective of being a National Ski Patrol member is to assist area management in caring for injured skiers and in making mountain recreation safer and more fun. To become a certified member of PSPA the candidate must successfully pass each of the following exams: The First Aid Exam; The Ski / Snowboard Exam; The Toboggan Exam; The Written Exam are all offered together.

Ski/Resort Rep - There are some obvious reuirements for this post. The ability to ski is only one of them. You will generaly be expected to have skied regularly for at least 3 years. Resorts would be expecting at least a strong Ski Club silver/purple skiing/boarding standard.

Concierge - The role of the Concierge/Driver is to cater for guests' needs outside of their chalet suite. The duties are many and varied and based around other peoples needs so a sunny disposition is a must in this post. Although the position is a demanding one it can also be very rewarding.

Chef - The name for this position may change from company to company but you can be sure that you will spend most of your working life - usually 6 days out of 7 - either cooking or planning to cook. It is not easy work and most people would need to get lucky and work in a private chalet if they want to ease their work load, earn more and lead a more flexible lifestyle.

Plongeur - It is well known that the majority of time will be spent elbow deep in hot soapy water. You will need to keep the kitchen clean and in good order. You will also need to be a 'people person' and go out of your way to get on with the chef!

Nanny - Although it is possible to find short term placements for student nannies on resorts it is usual to be qualified to NNEB, BTEC or NVQ3 level. The minimum age is 19. The positions are ideal for newly qualified nannies or those with childcare experience wanting a challenge.