Squaremouth offers tips for older travellers

Medical emergencies may be more frequent as more older people travel

Travel Insurance News - 09/06/2008

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Life threatening medical emergencies in flight are fairly rare. So rare, n fact, that the majority of airlines don’t both collecting data on the phenomenon. But one travel insurance comparison site has started offering free advice on flying healthy this summer and older travellers in particular, are being urged to take notice.

British Airways is one of the few airlines with information on in-flight medical emergencies. Last year, in the 36 million passengers that travelled with the airline, just 31,000 health crises occurred. Most of the cases were minor medical incidents such as fainting spells.

The growing numbers of travelling silver surfers and baby boomers, have raised concerns that in-flight medical emergencies might also be on the rise.

Chris Harvey, the chief executive of the fastest travel insurance comparison website in America, Squaremouth.com, said: "Even if you're only flying for a few hours you may definitely feel it, as an older person.”

"The key to having a healthy, safe flight is to prepare in advance," said Harvey.

Older travellers are advised to check with a doctor before travelling and to always pack their medications in their carry on luggage. In addition, holidays are best booked during off-peak hours in order to minimize stress.

The most important safety element for older travellers is having medical insurance. For older travellers, it is particularly important that this insurance covers pre-existing conditions and in-flight emergency costs. As many policies have upper age restrictions, it is important to take time and chose a policy carefully.

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