Travel News For June 2008 - Travel Insurance News

June 2008 Travel Insurance News

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30/06/2008 – Low cost travel insurance from Gulf Bank
New low-cost, comprehensive travel insurance available to families in Kuwait.

26/06/2008 – Travel coverage recommendation issued for over-65s
Finding travel insurance for senior citizens isn't too difficult

23/06/2008 – Adventure-seekers need right travel insurance
Holidaymakers seeking adventure need to have the right type of travel insurance for the kind of activity they have in mi

19/06/2008 – Travel insurance lack teaches costly lesson
A sad story illustrates the importance of travel insurance

16/06/2008 – Trends in travel insurance from TripAdvisor
A new survey indicates who buys travel insurance and why

12/06/2008 – Summer travel advice from Tesco
Tesco Travel Insurance has some tips for travellers

09/06/2008 – Squaremouth offers tips for older travellers
Medical emergencies may be more frequent as more older people travel

05/06/2008 – Spend on travel insurance and save
What seems like an extra cost, could save you money

02/06/2008 – Older travelers left out in the cold
Very few insurers offer policies to those over 80 years old

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