Yellow Fever Immunisation

Yellow Fever

Found only in parts of South America and Africa, there are two types of Yellow Fever, Jungle Yellow Fever and Urban Yellow Fever. Jungle Fever is spread from infected mosquitoes to monkeys. Urban Yellow Fever affects humans. Jungle Yellow Fever is rare in humans and is contracted by people who are involved with the cycle of disease by being bitten in tropical rain forests by mosquitoes infected by monkeys.

Urban Yellow Fever can cause serious internal problems when internal bleeding and kidney failure can occur. The other less serious symptoms are; a high temperature, chills, muscle aches and vomiting. The victim is bitten by the female mosquitoes and injected with the virus. Hepatitis is contracted through the virus and causes the yellow colouring or jaundice associated with the disease.

There are frequent outbreaks of Yellow Fever to epidemic proportions. The mosquitoes breed in water storage containers and flower pots as well as dumped tires, all in areas located close to where people live.

Yellow Fever infections can be fatal and there is no specific treatment. Victims need to keep well hydrated and rest away from mosquitoes so as not to infect other people. Recovery usually follows a long period of rest.

Severe yellow fever infections can be fatal. Once bitten, the fever takes anything from 3 to 16 days to develop. The initial fever dies down after 3 to 4 days with a general improvement in most cases. The 15% of cases that become more serious will show a return of the fever within 24 hours.

There is no specific treatment for yellow fever. Persons with yellow fever should rest and drink plenty of fluids. They should be kept away from mosquitoes for the protection of others. Most people get better after a long recovery period. The pain and discomfort can be treated by painkillers.

The best way to avoid infection, is of course, to steer clear of infected areas if possible, especially in tropical areas and to wear clothes that cover as much of the body as possible. The mosquitoes bite during the day, so if in badly invested areas it would be wise to treat your clothing and bedding with an insecticide called permethrin.