Holiday Information - Taking your car abroad

Taking your car abroad - Holiday Tips

Correct Documentation - In EU countries you can travel with a motor insurance certificate and dispense with the Green Card which is just a certificate of minimum cover. Some insurers do issue the Green Card anyway, it is a good idea to speak to your insurers about an accident statement form too. Pack your drivers license (both parts) and vehicle registration documentation. If you have which does not show the GB symbol, you must affix a sticker to the car, the Europlate is only recognised in Europe.

Check Your Insurance Cover - Although you will normally be automatically covered for minimum third-party liability cover when driving in Europe (and for some non - EU countries), you should contact your insurer to clarify your cover for travelling abroad with your car. You may have to pay extra for comprehensive cover to be extended.

Breakdown Cover - Currently only one in thirty cars breakdown whilst travelling abroad. That doesn't help the one in thirty stuck on a motorway or in the middle of nowhere with no knowledge of how to get to the nearest garage! A 24 hour helpline a tow to a garage or having your car brought home are all included in most breakdown policies. A fortnight's cover can be as little as £65 but the rates will depend on the age of the car a really old vehicle may not be covered at all. Insureres will also offer annual European policies that are good value if you make frequent trips.

The Correct Kit - You will need to have headlamp adjusters and warning triangles onboard as these are compulsory in most parts of Europe, you will want to make sure you have them with you, not least to avoid blinding other drivers. If you are off to Spain you will be expected to have packed some spare headlamp bulbs and if you are off to Greece you will need a fire extinguisher.

Car Rental - Or, if you decide taking your own car is not for you, you can compare car rental prices online.