Auto Renewal for Annual Multi Trip Travel Insurance

How does Auto Renewal Work?

To ensure all our Annual Multi Trip Travel Insurance customers receive continuous cover we have introduced an auto renewal process. This means that your travel insurance policy will Auto Renew within the last couple of weeks of your current policy. So that you don't need to worry about remembering to do it yourself.

Here are some frequently asked questions about Auto Renewal

Do you give me any warning before you Auto Renew my policy?
Yes we give you 30 days advance warning via email that we are planning to renew your policy. You can cancel this facility at any time throughout the year.

When will the renewal payment be taken?
Payment will be taken from your credit or debit card within the last two weeks before your annual policy ends.

What happens if the expiry date on my card has passed?
This does not cause any problems since the payment is taken as a continuous payment by the debit or credit card company.

What must I do if I have Pre Existing Medical conditions
If you have previously paid a medical endorsement for pre existing conditions you will need to renew this for the new annual policy. If since last year you now have a Pre Existing Medical Condition you will need to contact medical screening to see if there if there is an additional premium to pay to cover the condition(s). Medical Screening can be contacted on 0844 338 6306.

How can I stop the auto renewal from taking place?
You may opt out from auto renewal at any time by contacting our call centre on 01392 287 418 who will be able to cancel the auto renewal.

Oops! I forgot to cancel my renewal and now it's gone through
Don't worry contact us as soon as you can. We will be able to cancel the policy immediately and make a refund of amounts due. (This may be subject to length of time new policy has been active).