Backpacks - Ski Equipment

Backpacks - Ski and Snowboarding Equipment

The main consideration when choosing a back pack is whether it feels comfortable and it distributes the weight evenly.

If you intend going off for an extended trip for more than a couple of days then you will need a hiking backpack. They range from 35-80 cubic litre capacity. You'll need that if you are expecting to carry your ski equipment, provisions and cooking utensils.

The best hiking backpacks will all feature a system of some kind to evenly distribute the load/weight. Some have waist straps that fit around the front, which can further add to your comfort. The suspension/crossbow systems are best for this. You will need to opt for a design that allows easy access to the bottom of the pack as well as attachments and loops which allow you to attach your ski gear.

A great place to store your items such as food, maps, phone, ski gear and radio are Daypacks. From about half the capacity of a back pack (30 litres). They are very popular amongst skiers as they are a sensible size.

A Hydration Pack is a small sized pack that fits over your back. It allows you to remain hydrated by drinking through a tube. You can by water pouch to attach to the tube separately.

Being lightweight and durable, hydration systems are great alone, or can be used with hiking backpacks. Again, only go for the very best, as the lower quality systems have a habit of leaking.