Predictions by Airbus and Boeing on sales in Asia

Aircraft manufacturers look buoyant

Travel Insurance News - 08/02/2010

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<p>The Singapore Airshow has begun and the airlines are finding out what could be the best additions to their flotilla. Both Airbus and Boeing have made their predictions as to how many passengers, cargo and aircrafts Asian Airlines and cargo services will necessitate over the next two decades. </p>

<p>Airbus expects Asia-Pacific airlines to buy about 8,000 over this period, which is worth about 1.8 trillion. This is an anticipation derived from the European’s company global outlook, which speculates that about 25,000 new cargo and passenger planes will be brought around the world by 2028 and they estimate this region will represent 33% of all the deliveries from now and then. </p>

<p>John Leahy, Airbus Chief Operating officer, said that larger planes will be required in order to ease the congestion and meet demands allowing airlines to do more with a smaller fleet. This means the region’s airlines will account for more than 40% of twin aisle deliveries and over 50% of large aircraft deliveries. </p>

<p>However, Boeing’s prophecy is a little higher for the region, a figure they released at the Asian Aerospace Expo in Hong Kong last September. They estimated the Asia-Pacific region will need 8,960 new commercial jets, which would be worth 1.1 trillion dollars. Randy Tinsette, Boeing Vice President of marketing, stated that over 40% of airline traffic in the world would take place in the next twenty years. </p>

<p>These estimates differ vastly from what they though two years ago, when they predicted Asia-Pacific would need 7,200 planes. They also presumed then that it would be the second largest market in the world behind North America, but now they expect it to be the largest.</p>

<< Flyglobespan tycoon’s house attacked again | Travel News | Barclays could sell private equity arm >>