Marriot International to change its corporate structure

More power to be entrusted regionally

Travel Insurance News - 16/11/2009

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In a bid to bring in the famous Ritz-Carlton brand into their fold, hotel giants Marriott International plans to undertake a complete corporate restructure. Plans unfolded have revealed that Marriott International will be split into four self governing bodies based on their geographical locations.

The division of the company will be into four factions mainly into the Middle East, the Americas, Europe and Asia. Separate functions such as time-sharing, however, will be maintained as a separate module and will not be present under the proposed reorganization. Each one of the factions will have its own president and available resources.

Departments such as finance, sales, marketing and revenue management will be under the corresponding region’s head. This change in power structure is adopted so that individual presidents may have greater power and resources to make important decisions faster, more efficiently and based solely on relevance to that particular region. The change in power structure will, however, be invisible to hotel’s guests.

Finer aspects of the plan are yet to be finalized. Also, the brand is committed to ensure that few jobs are lost in the restructuring. Restructuring of the company is predicted to be completed by 2011.

The group’s current order of the group stands as US and Canadian operations, global timeshare, international lodging group and the Ritz Carlton brand

<< Insurance fraud couple fined £600,000 | Travel News | Major flooding disrupts UK >>