Travel Cancellation Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) - Cancellation

We have listed below the majority of cancellation questions we frequently get asked. We hope this helps but of course if you have any other questions please look at the other frequently asked questions or if you still can't find an answer don't hesitate to contact our sales team who will be happy to help on 01392 287 418.

Although these frequently asked questions are to assist you. You should read the policy carefully to make sure it suits your requirements. The policy wording is available on this site HERE.

Cancellation FAQs

  • If I'm called up for jury service will I be able to claim for my lost/delayed holiday?
    Yes — This is covered under your cancellation cover - and, providing the cancellation was beyond your control - such as compulsory jury service. As long as you did not know about the jury service at the time of booking your trip or insurance (whichever is later) you would be eligible to submit a claim. The same cover applies if you were unable to go on holiday because of the illness of a member of the party travelling with you or the serious illness or death of a close family member. However, if an urgent business appointment came up that would not qualify for reimbursement. This does not include cover for an 'Expert Witness' to attend court appearances.
  • If I am made redundant will I be covered?
    Yes — You may be covered as long as you were not aware of your impending redundancy at the time of booking your trip.