Holiday Information - Food Poisoning

Food Poisoning - Holiday Information

Food poisoning or upset tummy is very common while away on holiday. We are often in a country that has a different climate, often far hotter and where the standards of hygiene and styles and types of food may be quite different to those that you're used to. Below are some useful tips to help minimize the chances of getting a tummy upset or as many call it delhi belly!

  • Drink Bottled Water - Make sure the top is sealed when you get it and look to buy a popular brand since in some countries locals refill bottles with local tap water. To be even more cautious buy fizzy bottled water which is far harder to fake.
  • Avoid Ice - Whilst a nice iced drink is lovely when its hot, if you have any concerns about the standards of the local water, avoid ice cubes in bars and restaurants. Choose canned or bottled drinks that have been kept in the fridge or in a bowl of ice to keep it cool. The sealed top will prevent any bugs getting in. If you are self-catering or have a fridge in your room, make your own ice cubes with bottled water.
  • Buffets and Barbeques - Be careful when eating from a buffet or barbeque the food may have been out for some time food and may warm from the heat allowing bugs to grow or flys to land on the food. Particular food to watch out for is shellfish, chicken and creamy sauces and on a barbecue it's easy for the outside of the food to look well cooked, while the inside is underdone and not fully cooked.
  • Street Vendors - Be aware of food sold by street vendors. It is always an experience and opportunity to try local delicacies but you may not know where the food originates or how long ago it was cooked. Just be careful.
  • Wash your hands - This is one of the simplest but most effective ways of avoiding tummy upsets. Ensure you wash your hands before and after eating, after a visit to the loo and even when you get back a day out since often the local money having changed hands many times couldf be contaminated.
  • Wash Fruits and Salads - Always peel fruit or wash with ideally bottled water. Also wash salads especially lettuce with bottled water thus avoiding potential bacteria from local water.

If you are unfortunate enough to suffer from an upset stomach you will firstly need to take a product to stop the condition, and then take a product to help replace the lost salts in your body. Remember though to drink bottled water to replenish the lost fluids from your upset.