Winter Season Jobs - Chalet Girl/Boy

Chalet Girl/Boy

If you want to apply for this position in may be worth doing your homework first. If you are in your late teens it is possible to find positions however some companies prefer to employ people who have perhaps ‘lived a little'. They are looking for people they feel that will be able to hold an interesting conversation with older guests, although this is obviously a personality trait and not necessarily an age issue, conversation is, however an important requirement in the job. Many companies will employ people between the ages of 18/20 to 50, so it is worth looking around to find the right company with jobs to suit your age and/or experience.

The name given to this position can vary from company to company i.e. rep/host/girls/boys. The job is the same in any resort and it is an extremely important one because it includes the closest day to day contact with guests. Diplomacy and tact are definitely a requirement. Chalets guest numbers range from 6 to over 40 and there are companies that run hotels with many more guests. Unless there are more than 12 guests you will be expected to work alone accept at the busier times when you will be joined by another member of staff to help with clearing after meals etc. It is worth remembering that the day will usually start at around 7am.

Chalet Girl/Boy Duties Include

  • Preparing breakfast
  • Baking cakes for afternoon tea
  • Preparing three course dinners using wholesome ingredients
  • Cleaning the chalet
  • Making conversation

Most companies will require some evidence of competence in the area of budgeting and menu planning, a flair for catering would definitely be an advantage. If you have no catering experience at all you may wish to enroll in a course operated by the holiday company, the cost is usually refunded when you take up a position with them. The course could also include cleaning techniques.