Winter Season Jobs - Chalet Co-ordinator

Chalet Co-ordinator

A step up from chalet host, this position is seen more as on the managerial side, so will require further or more developed skills. Previous experience of the resort will definitely be an advantage. Many companies will look to employ someone at least in their early twenties because driving will normally be a part of the duties undertaken. Therefore, you will need to have held a clean drivers license for a minimum 3 years. You will be ensuring guest satisfaction and monitor the standards of cleanliness and hygiene in the chalet.

The native language of where you are planning to work will be a necessity. Many ex-chalet boys/girls progress to this position as they already have experience in the people skills required. On a serious side you will need to posses the ability to manage and motivate staff which is where your previous experience will come in very useful.

Chalet co-ordinator duties will include

  • Manage Chalet Hosts on a day-to-day basis
  • Monitor staff performance
  • Monitor and advise on standards of food and service
  • Assist with cleaning of chalets if required
  • Control of supermarket shopping

You will be required to implement any controls on both the cleaning as well as the food budget and understand basic accounting. Your knowledge of health and safety procedures will be used constantly during checks.