Skis - Ski Equipment

Skis - Ski and Snowboarding Equipment

By visiting a sky slope in the UK prior to your first trip abroad to ski, you will usually have a good idea as to whether skiing is the sport for you or not. So you could, on the strength of a few practice runs, decide to purchase your own skis and not risk wasting funds - ski jackets can be worn anywhere. As with most equipment there are the cheaper and the dearer options. It really depends on your budget and how often you intend using the skiis. You may find the cheaper ones rendered useless after one weeks skiing having bumped around rugged terrain.

Once in the resort you could hire skis and try a different pair if the first are not what you like, this way you could lesson the chance of a bad purchase.

The choice of skis can be almost boggling if you have no idea of the sport to begin with. Try more than one retailer as each outlet will have their prefered supplier and may push certain makes.

  • Alpine Skis - are designed to be able to turn easy and are fast enough to be the prefered choice of advanced skiers.
  • Freeride Skis - these are great for off piste and more expert skiers.
  • Racing - as the name suggests they are good for racing and have a sub category - downhill, giant slalom, slalom racing.
  • Cross Country Skis - these are thin and lightweight. The bindings only attach to the toe.
  • Cross Country Free Range Skis - These are wider skis and as the name suggests - good for unbroken snow surfaces.

Once you have purchased you skis it is important to store them correctly when not being used and the ski bag is the best place for them. Make sure they have been wiped dry before hand.