Ski Goggles - Ski Equipment

Ski Goggles - Ski and Snowboarding Equipment

Protection from harmful UVA and UVB radiation should be the main considertion when shopping for ski goggles. You will need to buy a pair that blocks at least 95% of UVA. Even short-term exposure will result in photo-keratitis - a painful sunburn on your eyes. This could lead to snow blindness. The rays bounce of the snow and can cause damage even on cloudy days. Long-term, UV rays can damage your eyes permanently and lead to cataracts and other eye diseases. Polycarbonate goggles are safest because they are unlikely to shatter. A 180 degrees vision will allow you to notice skiers coming from the sides.

For bright light, ski goggles with dark lenses such as green are the perfect choice, as the darker tints make it easier on the eyes. Yellow, gold and amber lenses are ideal for low light and foggy conditions. These filter out the blue light and thus emphasize the shadows of the snow. Rose colored lenses are good for grey days. Mirroror "flash" coatings will block some, but not a lot of glare. They are usually more of a cosmetic than a practical feature.

Polarized lenses block reflected glare off the horizontal plane. Clear lenses are the best choice. Keep your goggles protected from scratching by storing them in a pouch.

Anti fogging features are useful. Double lenses stop the condensation forming. You can buy ones with anti-fog coating. Simple vents along the top and sides of the goggles can help by allowing the warm air to escape.